Best Careers In The Petroleum Industry Today

f you are thinking about what types of jobs will be in the highest demand within the next 5 to 10 years, you may want to research each industry to see what the latest trends are saying. According to the bureau of labor and statistics, some jobs are in much higher demand than others during this period of time. In some cases, industry experts are expecting certain industries to grow quickly and the human resources representatives are always looking for qualified individuals to fill the positions that are available.

Keeping this in mind, you may want to do your research first on what will be happening in the area that you have the most interest, particularly if you want to find out what the best careers in the petroleum industry are today. Outlined here below are some of the jobs in the highest demand with a description of each.

Petroleum Engineers

a petroleum mine

For those of you who may be interested in becoming an engineer, you may want to think about what it will mean to work in a company as a petroleum engineer. This is a job that is in high demand and is a premium career for many companies since they are even willing to teach you the craft as a newbie. For instance, many of these companies would prefer hiring newbies instead of created training courses to reteach engineers from other disciplines. This is because this job requires the special expertise of professionals that will be working solely on projects like reservoir management, product and oil, and gas drilling.

Reservoir Engineer

Another job that is on the high demand list in the petroleum industry is the reservoir engineer. The role that these engineers play involves developing different strategies that can assist management in the areas of conducting simulation studies and maximizing recovery initiatives.  With the work that they are responsible for, petroleum teams can enhance their techniques.

Drilling Engineer

drill engineersIn addition to needing jobs to plan reservoir management, today’s petroleum companies are also looking for people to perform, design and launch the best drilling methods. The goal is to design methods that will not only be as economical as possible but also safe enough for people to perform as their regular duties and responsibilities.

Skilled Trades

Because the new and more innovative technologies are having such a positive impact on this industry and its growth, the things that can be done in this area are much more efficient.  As a result of the growth and the changes in demand, more skill trade position are needed. For instance, the petroleum industry is now looking for more people who are qualified to work in positions like machinist, power engineers and millwrights.